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Unlock the Mystery of PLANNING!!!

Are you Planning your Mortgage for Maximum Savings?

Lowest Rate not necessarily means best mortgage solution and overall savings.  Just like when purchasing a vehicle, along with the purchase price you choose the best vehicle based upon your need, type, make, model, features, performance, reliability, resale value and maintenance service.  The overall value of vehicle is based upon purchase price, gas mileage cost, maintenance cost and resale value. 

Similarly when financing your home, along with best rate choose the best mortgage solution based upon your need, type, term, period, product, features, flexibility, credibility, exit and saving strategies.  The overall mortgage savings is based upon rate, optimizing use of mortgage features, implementing saving strategies and reduced penalty if for unforseen circumstances you need to break the mortgage contract. 

Usually you may find maximum variation of 0.10% rate with limited mortgage features (limited pre-payment privileges, limited portability, limited amortization, bonafide sale clause, etc) and limited service (no saving strategies). On $300,000 mortgage considering rate of 2.99% and 25 year amortization, this could save monthly payment of $15 (i.e. $4500 over 25 years) but lets find out how much you could save over life of mortgage with our expert planning services and have peace of mind:

  • Optimizing your cash flow towards $100 monthly pre-payment privilege will save you over $12,900
  • Optimizing your net worth towards 5% lump-sum pre-payment privilege will save you over $15,700
  • Ability to upgrade home without breaking the mortgage will save you penalty cost (~$3,000 to $16,000)
  • Ability to reduce payment without breaking the mortgage will save you penalty cost (~$3,000 to $16,000)
  • Ability to refinance the mortgage without selling your home (NO bonafide sale) will save you selling costs over $10,000
  • Fixed rate mortgage based on best rates (NOT discount off posted rates) will save you penalty costs over $10,000
  • Based on current market situation, will 5 year or 10 year mortgage term provide maximum savings?
  • Based on current market situation, will variable closed or fixed rate mortgage provide maximum savings?
  • Based on current market situation, will 5% cash back or lower rate provide maximum savings?
  • Our personalized saving strategies could help you pay off mortgage 5 years sooner thus providing savings over $28,000
  • How to optimize cash flow to reduce liability of $500 and increase your borrowing power by $100,000 without affecting your current life style?
  • How to invest S.M.A.R.T in real estate that will help you grow your investments by 400% in 25 years with low risk and minimum equity invested to provide much higher rate of return?



With current market situation and tightening of mortgage rules by Government of Canada (OSFI), we have access to 20+ big and small banks providing you the mortgage solution and flexibility that meet your personal needs.  We are Mortgage Professionals to help you plan for home ownership (i.e. purchase, pre-approvals, cash back, renewals, renovations), provide step by step guidance to prepare for mortgage financing and implement personalized savings strategies to payoff mortgage sooner.  There is no cost for our expert services and to seek for professional help you can CONTACT US.

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