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Unlock the Mystery of Payment Frequency!!!

What is the difference in Payment Frequency - Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Accelerated Bi-Weekly?

Very often there is a confusion on mortgage payment frequency as to which one is better on mortgage savings?  There are several payment frequency such as monthly payment, semi-monthly payment, bi-weekly payment, weekly payment and then accelerated bi-weekly payment and accelerated weekly payment.  To understand all of these various options of payment frequency, let's consider a mortgage of $400,000 with an average rate of 4.00% and 30 yr amortization. 

Payment Frequency

# of Payments
per Year

Amount ($)
Payoff (yrs)
Mortgage Savings
over Life * ($)
Monthly 12 $1,902.07 30.00 .00
Semi-Monthly 24 $951.04 29.95 $1,083.65
Bi-Weekly 26 $877.88 29.95 $1,166.88
Weekly 52 $438.94 29.93 $1,665.82
Accelerated Bi-Weekly 26 $951.04 25.88 $44,862.57
Accelerated Weekly 52 $475.52 25.86 $45,287.26

* Mortgage Savings is compared with Monthly payment frequency as baseline.

So, would a regular bi-weekly payment pay off your mortgage sooner than keeping with the monthly payment?  Keeping this payment as a monthly payment obviously will take the full 30 years to payoff.  Changing it to regular bi-weekly will pay off your mortgage also in ... 30 years.  The change does very little.  Changing it to a Accelerated bi-weekly payment will have your mortgage paid off in within 26 years.


What is the difference between Regular Payment and Accelerated Payment?

To get a regular bi-weekly payment, the monthly payment of $1902.07 is multiplied by 12 to get the true annual payment of $22,824.84.  Then the annual payment is divided by 26 payment period per year to get a regular bi-weekly payment of $877.88.  Thus with regular bi-weekly payment the amount you pay annually is still the same as that of monthly payment and you are not changing anything. 

To get an accelerated bi-weekly payment, the monthly payment of $1902.07 is simply divided by 2 to get accelerated bi-weekly payment of $951.035.  Thus with accelerated bi-weekly payment the amount you pay annually is $24,726.91 which is an extra monthly payment of $1902.07 towards principal every year.  So when the year is done on a Accelerated payment you have paid equal to 13 months payments over a 12 month period.  This is equivalent to 8.33% of extra monthly payment made towards principal which can save yourself close to 4 years of payment over life of mortgage. 

Lets see this from a bigger picture and understand the truth about a mortgage savings.  With regular bi-weekly payment, the total interest paid over 30 years is $283,580.  Going with accelerated bi-weekly payment the total interest paid for same mortgage is $239,884.  Thus, simply changing payment frequency to "Accelerated" payment will shorten the mortgage life by 4 years and save you mortgage interest of $43,696.

If you are having any of the following challenges with Payment Frequency and looking for professional help to obtain solution or to save much more on mortgage interests with our unique saving strategies, please contact us.

  • Accelerated payment is not working for you as you are getting paid on monthly or semi-monthly basis?
  • Lender not having options for accelerated payments?
  • When NOT to use "Accelerated" payments?
  • For your personal mortgage, what will be the mortgage savings using "Accelerated" payments?


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