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Unlock the Mystery of RATES!!!

Are you selecting Best Rate with a Quality Mortgage for Maximum Savings?

Mortgage Rates varies based on the factors described below but selecting a quality mortgage is equally important to your unique personal financial situation and needs.  Just as you know buying cheap car having higher maintenance cost is not a good price.  Similarly, loosing key flexibilities of Mortgage over Rate will not necessarily give you overall savings.

  • Purpose - Owner Occupied, Rental, Second home, Vacation home
  • Type - Fixed or Variable Closed or Variable Open or HELOC or Multiple Components
  • Term - 1 to 10 year
  • Period - Rate hold for 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 365 days
  • Product - Purchase, Switch, Refinance, Improvements, Cash back, Construction
  • Features - Portability, Transferable, Assumability, Variable Conversion, Extendability
  • Flexibility - Pre-Payment Privileges, Payment Frequency, Extended Amortization, Tax Deductible, Posted or Best Rates, Collateral or Standard Charge, Minimum Liability
  • Credibility - Established or No or Bruised Credit, Verified or Stated Income, Loans, Down Payment, Assets
  • Exit - Penalty when breaking the term contract due to unforseen circumstances (To learn more about penalty and save with expert planning click HERE)
  • Service - Expert Planning, Saving Strategies, Paying off mortgage sooner, Increasing Financing Power, S.M.A.R.T Investments, Credit Management, Income Planning  (This is our special services to our clients at NO cost similar to getting FREE tune-up for your car maintenance).


Be a SMART Mortgage Shopper:

Along with rate, please ask the following 5 questions to compare and decide who is working in your best interest to help you SAVE on mortgage interest cost over the term and life of mortgage:

  • What are the mortgage features and restrictions behind rates?
  • How will rising interest rates in the coming years affect me?
  • What strategy are you recommending to help me save on mortgage interest and why?
  • How will you help me to personally manage my mortgage over the long term?
  • If I were to break the mortgage early, what will be the penalty?


With current market situation and tightening of mortgage rules by Government of Canada (OSFI), we have access to 20+ big and small banks providing you the mortgage solution and flexibility that meet your personal needs.  We are Mortgage Professionals to help you plan for home ownership (i.e. purchase, pre-approvals, cash back, renewals, renovations), provide step by step guidance to prepare for mortgage financing and implement personalized savings strategies to payoff mortgage sooner.  There is no cost for our expert services and to seek for professional help you can CONTACT US.

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